Tech Stack

Proficient: Java, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Docker, Elasticsearch, Chef, Gitlab CICD, Git, Splunk, Datadog, NewRelic APM, NewRelic Infrastructure, AWS Services, S3, ECS Fargate, ECR, SQS

Familiar: C#, Ruby, Rails, Kibana

About Isaac

Isaac Del Rosario is a back-end software engineer who's tackling problems related to scalability, feature iteration, and optimization! Recently, he worked at Nordstrom in the Search Relevance space. There, he has architected, implemented, and optimized backend microservices that allow customers to find their favorite items (here is Isaac's personal favorite item).

A budding tech talk comedian, on Jan. 2020 he presented his tech talk "The Princess is in Another Document: Intro to Search Engines with ElasticSearch" at the inaugural AdieCon conference, which attendees have described as "accessible to understand", "hilarious", and "yes, Isaac, we knew it was a Mario reference".

He has also worked for SAP Concur as an Android Developer Intern and had a brief stint in VR Development as a participant of Oculus' Launchpad Program and a game developer for the comedy-autobiographical game Ada Student Simulator based on his experiences as a student of Ada Developers Academy.

Isaac is passionate about providing mentorship, constant learning, and good hearty laughs from the diaphragm.